Bishton Farm Barns, Staffordshire

100% Renovation

Bishton Barns were purchased as a range of farm buildings consisting of 2 semi-detached 3 bedroom properties, 1 x 3 bedroom detached, and 1 x 1 bedroom detached luxury barns. We carried out full underpinning works to stabilise the barns, the old pig sty was not within the original application and was to be demolished, after some investigation we discovered from the footprint dimensions that we could achieve a 1 bedroom detached property. We removed the old flat metal corrugated roof and formed a pitch tiled roof to compliment the rest of the site. The 1 bedroom pig barn was the first property to be sold at Bishton this being a result of utilising our in house architectural skills. We were proud to receive a LABC Built in Quality Award for Bishton Farm Barns.

Services provided:

  • Planning consultancy
  • Architectural drawings
  • Ground works
  • Main build
  • All joinery and furniture
  • Interior design

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